Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Year 7 highlights!

Recently Year 7 attended an art programme for the afternoon with Wendy Duggan. We were learning how to draw portraits. We started off with a practice picture and then did the real thing. Megan modelled for us. Everyone managed to draw using the correct techniques.

Years 4-8 have competed in the school swimming sports. The age champions for Year 7 were: 10 year old girls, Saskia Klinkenberg and Karenia Anderson and 11 year old boy, Jesse Simkin.

We have also been attending Technology for the first time with half the class doing food tech and the others doing sewing. Another responsibility has also been put upon us: Junior School monitoring! Luckily Year 7 have enjoyed doing this and have monitored well.

We have had fun for this part of the term and we are looking forward to the rest of the year, which will include going to the Rehua Marae to gain some experience and as part of our Te Reo and Social Studies programmes. We have been learning our mihimihi in preparation for this.

By Saskia Klinkenberg

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